The Party Favers

General Information:
Mother's Name: Father's Name:
Mitzvah (This refers to the name of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah):
Your Mailing Address: Your Email Address:
Phone Number(s):
Event Date: Event Time:
Venue Address: Venue Phone Number:
Contact Person at Venue: Setting:
Total Number of Adult Guests: Total Number of Youth Guests:
Cocktail Hour for Adults:
Yes No
Type of Cocktail Music:
Games for Children During Cocktail Hour?:
Yes No
Same or Different Room as Cocktails?:
Video Presentation/Slide Show:
Yes No
If Yes, What Time and Will There Be an Introduction?:
Time of Dinner: Type of Dinner:
Will children eat the same meal as the adults?:
Yes No
Games for Children During Dinner?:
Yes No

Official Introductions:
Grandparents (1): Song (1):
Grandparents (2): Song (2):
Parents (1): Song (3):
Parents (2): Song (4):
Brother (1): Age/Comments/Song (5):
Brother (2): Age/Comments/Song (6):
Sister (1): Age/Comments/Song (7):
Sister (2): Age/Comments/Song (8):
Yes No
Aunts Song Introduction:
Yes No
Uncles Song Introduction:
Mitzvah/Song: High Energy or Low Key Introduction:
Will there be dancing before introductions?:
Yes No
Will there be dancing after introductions/before dinner?:
Yes No

Name of Candle Assistant:: Will they speak?:
Yes No
Candle 1: Song 1:
Will this person speak?(1):
Yes No
Candle 2: Song 2:
Will this person speak? (2):
Yes No
Candle 3: Song 3:
Will this person speak? (3):
Yes No
Candle 4: Song 4:
Will this person speak? (4):
Yes No
Candle 5: Song 5:
Will this person speak? (5):
Yes No
Candle 6: Song 6:
Will this person speak? (6):
Yes No
Candle 7: Song 7:
Will this person speak? (7):
Yes No
Candle 8: Song 8:
Will this person speak? (8):
Yes No
Candle 9: Song 9:
Will this person speak? (9):
Yes No
Candle 10: Song 10:
Will this person speak? (10):
Yes No
Candle 11: Song 11:
Will this person speak? (11):
Yes No
Candle 12: Song 12:
Will this person speak? (12):
Yes No
Candle 13: Song 13:
Will this person speak? (13):
Yes No
Candle 14: Song 14:
Will this person speak? (14):
Yes No
Candle 15: Song 15:
Will this person speak? (15):
Yes No

Special Events:
Havdalah (if applicable):
Yes No
Wash Hands (if applicable):
Yes No
Motzi (if applicable):
Yes No
Motzi assisted by:
Kiddish (if applicable):
Yes No
Cake Cutting:
Yes No
Yes No
Will a Chair be Used?:
Yes No
Will just the mitzvah be raised in the chair?:
Yes No
If no, list whom in order:
Will Boys/Girls Dance Together?:
Yes No
Will Men/Women Dance Together?:
Yes No

Mitzvah's First Dance:
Yes No
Father/Daughter Song:
Yes No
Mother/Son Song:
Will Other Family Members Dance with Mitzvah?:
Yes No
Family Member #1:
Family Member #2: Family Member #3:

Any Other Info We Need To Know?

Photographer Name: Photographer Phone:
Photographer FAX: Photographer Mobile Phone:
Photographer Email: Photographer Web Site:
Photographer Timing:

Videographer Name: Videographer Phone:
Videographer FAX: Videographer Mobile:
Videographer Email: Videographer Web Site:
Videographer Timing:

Florist Name: Florist Phone:
Florist FAX: Florist Mobile Phone:
Florist Email: Florist Web Site:
Florist Timing:

Cake Name: Cake Phone:
Cake FAX: Cake Mobile Phone:
Cake Email: Cake Web Site:
Cake Timing:

Coordinator Name: Coordinator Phone:
Coordinator FAX: Coordinator Mobile Phone:
Coordinator Email: Coordinator Web Site:
Coordinator Timing:

Caterer Name: Caterer Phone:
Caterer FAX: Caterer Mobile Phone:
Caterer Email: Caterer Web Site:
Caterer Timing:

Canter Name: Canter Phone:
Canter FAX: Canter Mobile Phone:
Canter Email: Canter Web Site:
Canter Timing:

Rabbi Name: Rabbi Phone:
Rabbi FAX: Rabbi Mobile Phone:
Rabbi Email: Rabbi Web Site:
Rabbi Timing:

Band Name: Band Phone:
Band FAX: Band Mobile Phone:
Band Email: Band Web Site:
Band Timing:

Balloons Name: Balloons Phone:
Balloons FAX: Balloons Mobile Phone:
Balloons Email: Balloons Web Site:
Balloons Timing:

Singers Name: Singers Phone:
Singers FAX: Singers Mobile Phone:
Singers Email: Singers Web Site:
Singers Timing:

Place Cards:
Place Cards Name: Place Cards Phone:
Place Cards FAX: Place Cards Mobile Phone:
Place Cards Email: Place Cards Web Site:
Place Cards Timing:

Ice Sculpture:
Ice Sculpture Name: Ice Sculpture Phone:
Ice Sculpture FAX: Ice Sculpture Mobile Phone:
Ice Sculpture Email: Ice Sculpture Web Site:
Ice Sculpture Timing:

Rentals Name: Rentals Phone:
Rentals FAX: Rentals Mobile Phone:
Rentals Email: Rentals Web Site:
Rentals Timing:

Assistant Name: Assistant Phone:
Assistant FAX: Assistant Mobile Phone:
Assistant Email: Assistant Web Site:
Assistant Timing:

Linens Name: Linens Phone:
Linens FAX: Linens Mobile Phone:
Linens Email: Linens Web Site:
Linens Timing:

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